Colonnade is a new collection of expert-led classes focusing on the most powerful concepts for managing and operating the built environment. The virtual courses can be purchased and completed from anywhere in the world. This is not just another webinar where you log on, mute yourself, and listen to someone drone on for a few hours as you struggle to pay attention. Colonnade uses an interactive approach, consisting of lively discussions, activities, and games to encourage participation and enhance the learning experience.

Why you'll love it

In a mere eight hours, we cover more ground than a typical self-directed learner could scrounge up in a month.

Nothing can replace the best-practice-based technique and adaptive interactivity our instructors provide.

Enstoa brings knowledge from managing actual projects into the class with real-life scenarios.

We have more than a few tricks up our sleeve to keep eyes wide open and conversation lively in a virtual format.